February 08, 2023

10 Month old Bailey was waking every 30-60min overnight... for 10 months!

10 Month old Bailey was waking every 30-60min overnight... for 10 months!

Emily had very reluctantly come to me after she had gone through three sleep consultant with little to no help… She was a referral from a long standing client of mine. 

Over the course of several months they had ruled out anything medically related such as allergies, intolerances and even as far as any physical obstructions in bubs airways that could be causing their sleep disruptions… They felt like she had exhausted all options available and this was their fate.

Bailey was 9 months old when we started working together and at this stage was waking as often as every 30-60min overnight for months, to get some sleep mum resorted to co-sleeping with little nine months. This didn’t help. 

I could see some minor changes to his routine, but the biggest contributing factor for this little man was the settling technique... In his case it was too responsive and he was so stimulated that he consistently kept waking. 

Emily wanted gradual, and so she used Pick Up Put Down to work towards independent sleep.

Within days Bailey was starting to sleep longer stretches overnight, Emily started seeing 2hrs, then 4hrs... 

By the end of our Phone Consult + Two Week Support Bailey had slept through the night! Not only that he was falling asleep and staying asleep independently, he was starting to consolidate his day naps and his routine was consistent.

"Eva changed our lives! Prior to working with Eva we had tried everything, we had worked with 3 other sleep consultants which we made no progress with.

Within the 2 weeks of support our son went from waking every 30-60min (all night/every night for 10 months) to sleeping 11-12 hours with no wakes. Never in a million years did we think that would be possible. We optioned for the gentle approach of 100% in room settling & there was zero tears from any of us during the process!

I wholehearted believe this came down to the way Eva supported us all, she went above and beyond in every way possible.

She is so fast with her text message support & would always check in / celebrate the wins with us!

Eva, thank you again, you are incredible xx"

Emily & Bailey - Melbourne, Australia