February 03, 2023

Catnapping king to consolidation extraordinaire

Catnapping king to consolidation extraordinaire

Yvonne came to me with 7 month old Rupert, little man was having 3-4 catnaps a day and struggling with 5am wakes. 

She felt they were struggling with routines and had very to little consistency in their every day life. This was one of the biggest things Yvonne wanted to work on "fix catnapping and have some sort of routine".

The truth is, her sleep environment was perfect! Yvonne had created a sleep conducive environment that would encourage Rupert to sleep therefore in this instance it was actually his routine and settling technique that needed a tweak.

I got to work!

I created a routine that worked for Yvonne and was sustainable, in addition we worked on some contingencies to encourage Rupert start falling into a little bit of a consistent day time sleep schedule.

By the end of our Phone Consult + One Week Support, Rupert was sleeping beautifully for all three naps, either sleeping through or very briefly waking up once overnight and no longer having 5am wake ups!

Yvonne & Rupert - Melbourne