February 02, 2023

Split nights to sleeping through the night in 7 days

Split nights to sleeping through the night in 7 days
Natalie came to me because her little man Angus who was 9 months old at the time was having split nights of about 1-2hr every night, and she was rocking and feeding him back to sleep.
She was exhausted and opted for the Phone Consult + One Week Support, when I asked her what her goals were she happily said "independent sleep, no more split nights and only waking to feed"...
After having a read through the intake form, I could see we needed to make sure adjustments to Angus' routine and also his feeding to ensure that it supported the goals Natalie wanted to achieve. Natalie also wanted to use a gradual settling technique so she started using gradual withdrawal which can be found in our Age Appropriate Settling Techniques PDF.
When our support was finished, Natalie was still settling in the room but little man was now falling asleep and staying asleep independently for not only his day sleep but overnight as well, no more split nights because now he was either sleeping through the night or waking once for a breastfeed.
At our second check in Natalie said "We have made huge progress, mentally I feel a lot better. I haven't felt like this since before he was born. This was a game changer"
Natalie & Angus - Melbourne