February 06, 2023

5 month old Viva-Rose, from waking every 1-2.5hrs overnight to....

5 month old Viva-Rose, from waking every 1-2.5hrs overnight to....

Celia came to me when Viva-Rose was 5 months old, at this stage waking every 1hr-2.5hr was a regular occurrence in the house. 

Being a nurse and returning back to work in April, Celia wasn't able to maintain the current situation for much longer - especially with two older kids.

Her biggest goals were to work on the frequent night waking, split nights and achieving more than a 2hr stretch overnight. She was running off 4.5-6.5hrs total of fragmented sleep. 

This mumma got busy! 

I worked on introducing a flexible routine for Celia, keeping in mind that she had school runs and wanted to have the ability to do naps on the go when needed. 

We also focused on a settling technique that was mindful of Celias' parenting ethos and also ensuring that Viva-Rose responded well to.

Within days we started to see results, Viva-Rose was putting herself to sleep within 5-10min. Her frequent night waking had reduced significantly and Celia was starting to get some sleep herself. 

By the end of our Phone Consult + One Week Support "I got 7 cumulative hours sleep last night and Viva was only up twice through the night. once for ten mins and the other for 15 mins!"


"FYI have had 2 consecutive days with all naps achieved and smooth nights 🌙 😌"

Celia & Viva-Rose, Gold Coast