Frequently Asked Questions on Our Baby Sleep Programs

While I understand firsthand that as parents you have your own parenting ethos and preferences when it comes to settling, I am a prime example of how sometimes my own wishes don’t necessarily suit that of my baby. When she was younger, I would be rocking her and providing her hands on settling hour upon hour, relentlessly trying to implement a method that suited me. Little did I know Millie needed a hands-off approach, and for this reason we offer the entire spectrum of settling techniques. From gradual hands-on approaches, through to out of room, modern options. The techniques are not only personalised to you, but also taking into consideration your little one’s temperament.

I take a very holistic approach to your sleep situation and have embedded this philosophy into The Sleepy Little Bubs. All our clients are required to complete a comprehensive intake form detailing their current situation including topics such as sleep environment, naps, feeding, current settling techniques, expectations, parental preferences and lifestyle. After thoroughly reading through the information, we create a personalised sleep plan with our recommendations. The initial 1hr chat is designed to answer any questions you may have, make any adjustments as needed and ensure that as your sleep consultant we are on the same page as what you wish to implement and achieve. When everything has been signed off by you, we are there to guide you every step of the way as you implement the recommended changes.

The important thing is to understand is that the scientific definition of “sleeping through the night” refers to 6-8hrs without needing a feed, from a physiological perspective many full-term babies with a healthy weight can achieve this by 6 months. However, it is not until 9-10 months that many babies can achieve 11-12hrs overnight without needing a feed and in most cases breastfed babies are known to feed once overnight until 12 months of age.

This answer can be so variable as it does depend on the settling technique, your baby’s development, age, and temperament. In most cases, parents will see results within 1-2 weeks of working with us and implementing the recommendations.

If you have read our support options but are still unsure on which option is right for you, our discovery call is a great place to start. After filling out the comprehensive intake form we will go through the details with you and make recommendations that suit what you are wishing to achieve, time frame and any variables that we may need to take into consideration with the approach we take.

Absolutely, the information that we provide our clients is tailored to their individual needs and situation ensuring they align to the goals they wish to achieve. There is no one size fits all method.

I was sitting exactly where you are now, filtering from one sleep page to the next. Baby MUST sleep two hours for lunch nap. They MUST feed every 3-4hrs. Eat, play, sleep!! Reflecting on these expectations now, I understand where my anxiety stemmed from as a new parent being consistently exposed to these unrealistic expectations and feeling like a failing parent because we were not achieving them.

The difference here at The Sleepy Little Bubs is this, my own personal experiences and hardship have shaped the approach that I take with you and how I help you navigate your little one’s sleep.

I provide you with realistic expectations, a no bullshit approach that will not sell you perfect baby sleep. It does not exist. I teach you how to navigate life when things “don’t go to plan”, give you confidence in yourself and understanding in what your baby needs from you which is invaluable.

All of our clients that opt for either the chat or complete phone support options receive not only an end of support email that has all the relevant information they need for the upcoming 3-6 months, they also receive lifetime support from our private facebook group.

In addition, I designed our support options specifically with the intention that our clients never need to use another full support package (unless there have been significant changes since having worked with you such as international travel, moving overseas or large age gap between our support packages) therefore you always have the option of seeking support via the Facebook group or a 15min chat.

It depends on which option you have selected. The 15 and 30min chats do have the option of an email summary add on which is a tailored approach and our recommendations in achieving your goals. The 1-2 week support options however do have more support, not only will you have access to us daily via WhatsApp for any questions you may have but you also have 2 x 15min chats per week for the duration of your support, an end of support email and all support options have access to the private Facebook support group.

We are both internationally qualified and insured Baby Sleep Consultants. In addition, Eva is currently undertaking further study with a significant focus on holistic sleep support through Holistic Sleep Coaching in London. Collectively we have worked with hundreds of families worldwide offering support from newborn through to 5 years of age.

We guarantee that we will provide you a professional, holistic, and tailored service to each of our clients. However, success is not guaranteed without commitment from all parties involved therefore as parents you are very much a crucial component of successful results and seeing an improvement in your baby’s sleep.

Whilst I do not recommend any domestic or international travel during our support, I am very supportive of social activities not being placed at a standstill. It is important to understand how to navigate your baby’s sleep around these activities because once our support finishes, they will be resumed.