Newborn Consultation Package

Designed especially with newborn parents in mind, providing you support while you navigate the fourth trimester.

This newborn package is personalised, informative and offers you continuous support over a two week period.

We will work together and focus on creating a safe environment that is sleep conducive, provide you the foundation and knowledge regarding newborn sleep, age appropriate settling techniques, nap expectations and above all confidence. 

Package inclusions:

  • An introductory 45min phone call (via phone, Zoom, Whatsapp, Viber etc) 
  • Comprehensive intake form that you fill out, it provides me all the information regarding your little ones sleeping and feeding patterns. Their current sleep environment, how to settle a newborn and common things you may experience in the first few months. Goals that you wish to achieve and concerns that you need rectified. 
  • A personalised plan that covers safe sleep environment recommendations, nap expectations, flexible newborn routine, biological sleep requirements, awake periods and age appropriate settling techniques. 
  • Two weeks of text support and 4 x 15min chats to use within 2 weeks
  • Sleepy Little Bubs newborn guide 
  • Summary email which includes age appropriate routines, changes in settling technique (if required based on age) and any major developments or changes that may be encountered for the upcoming 3 months after our support finishes.

Newborn sleep guide that covers:

  • Science behind baby sleep
  • Safe sleep environment
  • Biological newborn norms
  • Age appropriate settling technique
  • What affects baby sleep
  • Eat, play, sleep routines
  • Play and activities
  • Awake windows

80 pages of comprehensive newborn information to assist you with navigating the first few months of life. 


$300.00 AUD
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