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A package designed to support you in navigating the the fourth trimester. We ensure that you create a safe and sleep conducive environment for your baby, learn about the science behind baby sleep, settling techniques, feeding and introduce healthy sleeping habits that will assist you in settling your little one. During our two week support, you will receive ongoing guidance and tailored evidence based information to assist your journey into parenthood.


Not sure where to start? This comprehensive support option delves into all areas of your little ones sleep, tackling issues such as early morning rising, frequent night waking, catnapping and situations where what you are doing are no longer sustainable and you need guidance, support and a helping hand.


Have minor issues and just want to pick our brain? Jump on a 30min phone call with your questions, note pad and get ready to have all the information you need.

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Working with eva was the best money and time ive ever spent. She quite literally saved our butts. She was so helpful, adaptable and knowledgeable. She never made me feel pressured to do anything i wasnt comfortable with. She gave her honest input and had more than one way of doing things to fit to our wants and wishes while still accomplishing our goal. She was a miracle worker for us. She took our son out of his swing or co sleeping with me for every nap and all night, wakings every 1-3 hours all night and got him in his crib for every nap and bedtime. I thought my babe would never sleep independently “ he only wants to sleep on me” “he hates his crib and bassinet” Sleeping full naps and either sleeping through the night/one waking (6 mo) i could go on and on really about her. She saved this mamas sanity and quite possibly my babes life in the sleep situations he was in. If youre considering hiring her stop considering and just do it. You wont regret it.

Courtney & Baby Jackson

Things were going well and at 6 months all hell broke loose! A regression turned into 8 weeks of chaos so we engaged with Sleep little bubs. After only 2 days of working together magic started happening and over the 2 weeks we had changes that I wouldnt have imagined. Bub went from waking every hour and needing 2-3 feeds overnight to waking once for a feed. We previously spent 2-3 hours a day settling her to sleep with tonnes of screaming and protesting - I seriously didnt believe it was possible for her to fall asleep without our help. Now we spend 0 minutes a day settling her, we can just pop into the cot and she falls asleep herself without any crying or tantrums. Eva gave us options for a few settling techniques and worked together we found one that worked for our baby - and that we were comfortable with. Thank you Eva for helping so much! I purposely wrote this 2 months after we finished working together to ensure it all stuck and wasnt a fluke. Its 100% stuck and engaging Sleepy little bubs was the best thing we did <3

Clare & Baby Isla

I cannot thank Eva enough for her support over the last two weeks. She has been our life saver.
Eva is incredible and her wealth of knowledge gave us the results and confidence with our bub’s sleep and routine.
She is so patient and kind and was always there to answer our questions. She was like a dear friend to me.
I would highly recommend Eva from The Sleepy Little Bubs.

Yen & Baby Lucas