August 19, 2023

What to expect... 6 Months

What to expect... 6 Months

Around this age your baby starts to develop the capability of settling into a much more consistent and predictable routine. It’s what you’ve been waiting for since they arrived!


  • Awake windows of approximately 2.5 hours, spread across 3 naps
  • Total day sleep of approximately 3 hours
  • Total sleep in 24 hours between 12-15 hours
  • A nighttime stretch of between 4-8 hours


  • 5 milk feeds during the day
  • 1-2 milk feeds overnight
  • 1 solid meal


Short / long – this routine is great for those who enjoy being out in the morning and have a short nap that is easily achievable on the go.

With this, the majority of the day sleep is occurring in the afternoon, so it can be essential to put in the work to achieve a nice long nap.


Medium / medium – this routine splits the bulk of the day sleep between two naps of relatively equal length. This is typically the option I would recommend if your baby is currently taking in a lot of sleep in the morning, or if they are already taking decently long naps.


As your baby gets closer to dropping the third nap, you may find you need to shorten that sleep to only 15 minutes and then subsequently dropping it.

It’s always important to note that these above routines are just a sample and each individual baby may have different needs.

If your baby's routine seem to be in line with our recommendations with sleep is still messy, we can help!

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