February 18, 2024

Moving from bassinet to cot

Moving from bassinet to cot

Up until now your baby has probably been having assisted naps or sleeping in their bassinet. The move from your baby's bassinet to their cot can sometimes be the first big change parents make when it comes to their baby's sleep so it can definitely feel daunting. 

Does it need to be though? Let's chat about what the transition looks like and we'll share our best tips for navigating this change.

Often feeling like an overwhelming task but the majority of families we have worked with have found this transition to be pretty smooth.

If you've been putting it off because you're worried, we're here to let you know you can do it!


Most babies are ready for this transition around 4-6 months but there are a few factors to consider here, and remember that safety is always our first priority. 

Signs that your baby is ready to move to their cot:

  • They can sit independently
  • They are rolling 
  • They are pushing up on their hands and knees
  • They are pulling themselves up on the side of the bassinet
  • They have or are close to exceeding the bassinet's specifications for height and/or weight as per manufacturing guidelines 


As we mentioned, this transition is often less stressful than families anticipate. Our biggest tip is to create a welcoming and familiar sleep environment, here's how you can do that: 

  • Keep baby's night time routine the same
  • Use the cot sheets on the bassinet for a few days before the move, this will create a familiar scent for them in their new sleep space - or you could even sleep with the sheets yourself so that they have your scent. Babies are driven by senses and feel comfort and security through familiarity
  • Take the move slowly if this makes you more comfortable, start with one nap a day or naps only followed by nights 
  • Introduce them to the room if you are changing rooms, play with them, do the laundry and let them familiarise themselves with this space itself 
  • Create a great environment that supports good sleep; a cool, dark room with white noise 
  • Remember it is a change, so allow a few days for them to settle into their new sleep space

It's important to note that it's really crucial that we ensure the cot is set up to be a safe sleeping environment for your baby. You can read more about this on the Red Nose Australia website here

Red Nose Australia also recommends that baby room-share with their parents or guardians for at least the first 6 months. You can read more about this on the Red Nose website here.

Our consultants have helped many families move seamlessly from the bassinet to the cot. So if you need help making the transition as smooth as possible, see our below support options.

  • Our 3-12 Month Sleep Guide has a whole section on bassinet to cot as well as moving to arms out. 
  • For parents struggling with several things such as catnapping, frequent night waking, early morning rising or things that simply no longer work, have a look at our Phone + One Week Support option.
  • Not sure what is right for you? Get on the phone to one of our experienced consultants with our FREE 15min Discovery Call.