February 13, 2023

From being held by mum in a recliner most of the night... 18MO Zoe

From being held by mum in a recliner most of the night... 18MO Zoe

Olivia came to me after doing her due diligence - I was so impressed, she asked me about my credentials, where I studied... all of it. 

She came to me with her little one Zoe who is 18 months old and at this point Zoe was really finding it hard to settle and resettle through the first stretch of sleep overnight. Olivia would need to hold her to sleep, so when Zoe woke in most cases, getting her to fall asleep again in the cot was near impossible which resulted in Olivia holding Zoe in a recliner for most of the night until they got up at 6am in the morning. 

Now this wasn’t sustainable for Olivia anymore, she was due with baby number #2 in about 8 weeks, so she really needed to start working on some independent settling and resettling and get little miss in her own cot so Olivia could get some rest.

One of the biggest things that Olivia wanted to work on was putting Zoe down in the cot and know that Zoe was going to fall asleep and stay asleep independently. The second big goal was to have Zoe sleeping through the night (11-12hrs).

Olivia came to me for the Phone Consult + One Week and within days Zoe was sleeping through the night! Not only that, but Mum was no longer sleeping in the recliner!

We made some small changes to their routine but the biggest thing that we did change was the actual settling technique itself. We gave mum the confidence to know that she can put Zoe in the cot by herself, and that Zoe would fall asleep.

After this Zoe was not only sleeping 2 hours straight but was falling asleep, staying asleep all night every night by herself!

Olivia & Zoe, WA