April 27, 2023

From frequent night waking to sleeping for 8hrs+ for the first time in 3 years!

From frequent night waking to sleeping for 8hrs+ for the first time in 3 years!

Violet has been following me since little miss was a newborn! She came to me initially when Sianna was 8 months old, they were travelling internationally to see family and felt they needed help.

It wasn't until Sianna was 10 months old and waking 4-5 times overnight that Violet organised that Discovery Call and quickly thereafter booked in her Two Week Support after little miss woke up 16 times just before we started.

Violet wanted a gradual approach with minimal crying so we started with Put Down Put Down, I also made changes to their routine to ensure that the appropriate sleep disruption was in place to support the feeding to sleep that Violet wanted to work away from.

Within days Sianna was sleeping through the night and the most beautiful message greeted me...

"Sianna had a solid 12 hrs of sleep last night and I had a solid 8 hrs again (went to bed at 8pm)! I feel energised and passionate about life, which I've not felt for such a long time, simply because of sleep deprivation. Also, Adel and I have been spending more time together - as simple as watching a TV series, which again we weren't able to do, because I'd spend hrs in the room resettling and our evenings were gone.

Finally, I feel like I can enjoy the rest of what's left of my maternity leave. 🙌

This is life changing Eva. You've got no idea how grateful we are for your support."

When I asked Violet what else she may wish to add...

She's asleep within minutes, with very little crying. Sianna, happily goes to sleep, when mum walks out of the room. The approach went from put down/put down to a natural soothed spacing, based on Sianna's temperament.

The routine has given us confidence, and also alignment. There is clarity in the day, and I (Violet) have more independence. No more uncertainty as to when Sianna wants to be breastfeed, as we now stick to our plan and feed at the allocated times. Violet has since, started yoga, met with friends (without baby) and has started engaging more in the family business.

There is so much more I could add. Such as, how I felt nauseous and dizzy on most days, I had brain fog and was tired ALL the time. Now I'm sleeping 7+ hrs. As a family we are happier and so grateful to the Sleepy Little Bubs.

Violet, Adel & Sianna, UK