September 13, 2023

Multiple exhaustion.... from frequent waking twins to...

Multiple exhaustion.... from frequent waking twins to...

Zara reached out for support after realizing what was happening had no end in sight, and was not sustainable for their family. Each little one was rocked to sleep in a bouncer, or if really upset would be rocked with vigorous motion in arms. This process sometimes took an hour before they were sleeping. If that wasn’t exhausting enough, they’d only remain sleeping in their cot for 30-40 minutes and from there would wake up numerous times before 11pm. Mum and dad had resorted to co-sleeping so that they could settle them back to sleep when they woke up through the night. Nights weren’t the only struggle for this family, they also would get only 30 minute naps from each bub unless mum took the nap with them and remained co-sleeping for 1.5 hours.

Understandably, mum was exhausted and felt like she was doing nothing except getting these boys to sleep so she booked in the Phone Consult + One Week Support.

 We had a lot of things to navigate as we worked on improving their sleep. Not only did the twins have quite different temperaments, they were currently residing in a studio-type apartment where the bedroom was only separated with a partition wall and a curtain, and all four of them were in that same room. This meant it was very close quarters and extremely hard to limit noise and light to give the boys an ideal sleep environment.

After a wonderful chat with Zara & Asad, we tweaked their routine a touch and we decided to proceed with Spaced Soothing, but opted to use Gradual Withdrawal for re-settles. Of course, we went into this hybrid approach very mindful to ensure it was working and the boys responded very well seeing a steady track of improvement!

We had some trial and error with their schedule, as we initially began on a one nap routine similar to what they were already implementing. We quickly realized they were overtired and it was impacting their ability to achieve good naps. We added back in a small morning sleep for a couple days to help them adjust and once we dropped the morning nap again, they were taking amazing 1.5-2hr naps!

Within only a couple nights, bedtime became a breeze, the false starts ceased and Zara and Asad enjoyed the best sleep they’ve had in 15 months! Being able to help exhausted parents (especially the extra tired parents of multiples) enjoy a full night sleep after such an extended time of exhaustion is the best, most fulfilling feeling. On top of that, Zara no longer had to spend hours of her day ensuring these boys were able to take a decent nap and instead spend some time taking care of herself.

All of these huge steps forward, with only a one week support package!

“Kyndra helped us more than we could have imagined. Our twin boys would have false starts, contact nap, lots of input for naps and bedtime sleep. Never sleep through till morning. After day 2 we saw a huge improvement. We have been given our night times back and feel much more human after more sleep. Thank you!”

Zara & The Twinnies - London, England

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