July 02, 2023

Rocking for hours all night every night.. 20 Month Old Harper

Rocking for hours all night every night.. 20 Month Old Harper

Kristy had previously worked with us when Harper was 8 months old but was now finding herself in an overwhelming situation... hours of toddler bedtime battles and frequent overnight waking resulting in 2-3hrs of walking around the house.

This mumma needed change.

She came to me and said she needed help again, they felt they had tried everything and were just unsure what else to do. Any technique they used Harper would hyperventilate, throw up, arch her back or cry for hours on end. They needed help now.

We implemented some simple strategies to start, it seemed that Harper had a slight aversion to her room so with a quick trip to Target mum added some beautiful new additions for Harper to enjoy during her night routine. It worked a treat! This bubba was hooked. 

Kristy initially requested a gradual approach as she had a Two Week + Phone Support booked, she felt with how Harper was handling more independence around bedtime this would be better suited to her temperament. 

After a few days. It got worse.

Harper was not responding, she was waking even more and fighting Kristy any opportunity she got. One night only sleeping 20min from 2.00am - 7.00am.

I recommended to trial a different technique and consider giving Harper more space, we opted for Gradual Withdrawal with some slight variations.

Not only was bed time a breeze again, Harper started sleeping through the night. Every single night.

"I am feeling great going solo now, you have given me so much support and tools to help me navigating Harper now. You are truly amazing.

You have helped me stop the formula/bottle feeds, you have helped me realign her night routine, helped me understand temps and what to wear and the best part you have helped me with her settling at night in her own and no waking at night.

You are so amazing, I appreciate the time and patience you had for me in navigating it all. Xx"

Kristy & Harper, Western Australia

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