Ultimate 6 Month Sleep Support Package

Do you feel as though you need on going support while you navigate parenthood with your little one? 

This is the ultimate package that includes all the relevant information you will need within the 6 month period: 

  • Initial 60min introductory conversation to go through the plan 
  • Comprehensive intake form that you fill out, it provides me all the information regarding your little ones sleeping and feeding patterns. Their current sleep environment, settling technique you use and your personal situation. Goals that you wish to achieve and concerns that you need rectified
  • A personalised plan that covers your goals and concerns, sleep environment recommendations, sleep associations, nap expectations, flexible routine, biological sleep requirements, awake periods and age appropriate settling techniques
  • The plan mentioned above will consistently be changed to suit the age of your baby (changing routines, settling techniques if needed and age specific situations such as teething, transitioning to less naps, starting solids, introducing comforters)
  • 6 x 15min check ins
  • Daily communication via Whatsapp
  • Membership to a private Facebook infant & child sleep support group 
  • 3-12 Month & Toddler Sleep Guide 

    $2,495.00 AUD
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