September 15, 2023

Two Year Sleep Regression

Two Year Sleep Regression
Around two years of age, your baby may experience their final phase of huge development that may affect their sleeping, feeding and overall behaviour. Whilst this may seem overwhelming to read, this is a time of huge and exciting change for your little one.


You may see:

  • Two year-old molars
  • Huge bursts of vocabulary
  • Increased gross motor skills
  • Epic FOMO (fear of missing out) 
Some things that you may see during this time to indicate your little one is experiencing development may be:
  • Difficulty falling asleep during nap time and bed time
  • Crying and fussiness
  • Separation anxiety  
  • Protesting or tantrums
  • Frequent night waking
  • Changes in their sleep needs - it is not uncommon for two year olds to start reducing their nap lengths 
  • Early morning rise due to resisting bedtime or skipping naps
  • Boundary testing
  • New-found independence 
While this period may be one that tests us personally as parents, especially their new-found independence and saying they can do everything themselves, which results in more chaos we have to clean (eye roll - thanks Millie) it is a time of huge growth and development.

This period typically only lasts a few weeks and, whilst maintaining boundaries and routine does help have some order and consistency, it is not uncommon during this period that your little one may need more reassurance, cup filling and their mumma. 

If your baby's routine seem to be in line with our recommendations with sleep is still messy, we can help!

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