My name is Eva, an internationally certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant and mum to two year old miss Amelia.

I was born in Europe but have been based in Melbourne, Australia for the better part of 25
years and work with parents just like you from all over the world.
Let me share with you why I do what I do… here is my story.

Trust me, I get it. I have been exactly where you are now where Millie was catnapping,
waking every 2hrs overnight, replacing her dummy a million times and just crying for hours
unable to be settled. What was I doing wrong??

 To say I was exhausted would be an understatement so from one (even sometimes now!)
sleep deprived parent to another, I see you. I understand you. 

Millie was my reason for starting The Sleepy Little Bubs, I wanted to give parents just like YOU the empowerment, knowledge and support I wish I had during my parenting journey.

I spent countless hours researching, googling, speaking with lactation consultants, other sleep consultants and I just got no where. In actual fact, my experiences with some of them were so traumatising that they are the back bone for the methods I use now.

A totally holistic, personalised approach to each family. Understanding that there is no one size fits all, copy paste solution. It. Does. Not. Exist.

The beautiful thing is that parents just like you have enabled me to help hundreds of families all over the world, my heart truly gets filled every single day.

So again, welcome. I hope that in some small capacity I can provide you some comfort, support, and empowerment as we navigate this journey of parenthood together!



Hi there!

I’m Kyndra and I am a certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant based out of Canada. I’ve been certified since 2020, though my passion for baby sleep began with my first son who was born January 2018. I am now a mom of 3 beautiful children and love every crazy minute.

I am so passionate about the benefits that healthy sleep habits can have on the entire family. Almost more significant than a happy baby, is the improvement of mom’s mental health to ensure she can truly enjoy the early stages of motherhood.

I am so excited to join the Sleepy Little Bubs team and help more families get better sleep. ❤️

Cassie Coburn


Hi, I’m Cassie!

I am a Sydney based certified infant and toddler sleep consultant, primary school teacher and Mum of two beautiful bubs.

When my first bub was born, I was totally overwhelmed and the sudden lack of sleep left me feeling drained and anxious. 

After reading everything I could and trying to establish an age appropriate routine, my bub was still cat napping throughout the day and going to bed overtired. He was then awake multiple times overnight and was up at 5am each morning seemingly ready to start the day. 

After reaching out for sleep support, I was able to pop my bub into his cot awake and he would self settle off to sleep both during the day and at bedtime.

 It was bliss and it made being a Mum so much more enjoyable.

I am so excited about being part of The Sleepy Little Bubs’ team and having the opportunity to empower and support parents to meet the sleep needs of their family.

Olivia Mulcahy

Sleep Consultant - Australia

Hi I'm Olivia and I am a certified sleep consultant working in the UK with children up to the age of 18 as well as supporting adults with sleep though CBT-i.

I have been working within the childcare industry for over 18 years now, originally as a Montessori teacher and now as a sleep consultant. I am a Mum of 3 children and so have seen a lot of the highs and lows of parenting and how hard it can be especially when you are tired and your little one just won't sleep. I am always training and learning and most recently after discovering our eldest is Autistic I went on to do a course that specialises in working with neuro diverse children and absolutely love seeing the changes in these children and how getting more sleep doesn't just change their lives but also the lives of the people around them.

I also work with co-sleeping families and having done this myself with my middle child I know how beneficial it can be to bed share safely.

I am thrilled to be part of The Sleepy Little Bubs' team and look forward to helping you all with gaining more knowledge of sleep within the neurodiverse community as well as the co-sleeping community too.