February 08, 2023

10 month old co sleeping Noor, with a dash of rocking and feeding to sleep

10 month old co sleeping Noor, with a dash of rocking and feeding to sleep

When Priti came to me after some travelling and found herself in a pretty overwhelming position that she was unsure how to get out of.

Noor was 10 months old at the time, she had very little to no consistency in her routine and averaging 2 x 30min naps throughout the day, she was so overtired at bed time which would always result in being rocked and fed to sleep...

Waking as often as every 2hrs overnight and in most cases, with Noor unable to resettle independently it resulted in co sleeping.

When Priti came to me, I asked her what are your goals? What would you like to achieve in the next week and her list came quickly...

I would like:

  • My baby to sleep soundly through the night
  • Help my baby sleep independently without needing to be patted, shushed, rocked and held to sleep each time.
  • My baby to consolidate her sleep so she doesn't wake up crying every hour/2 hours
  • To fix her early 4-5 am wakes
  • To help her sleep better in the day

Priti needed a full overhaul, I worked on providing her a routine that worked with their lifestyle but also utilising how Noor was sleeping now. We introduced more predictable feeding for Noor to move away from the feeding to sleep association that was also contributing to her waking as often as she was.

By the end of our Phone Consult + One Week SupportNoor was falling asleep independently, sleeping through the night and no longer needing to be fed, rocked or co slept with and waking at a more reasonable time for mum and dad. 

"Our daughter was an IUGR baby, but being underweight at birth didn't stop her from kicking up a storm as soon as she could. At the 8 month mark, still very active and 'small for her age', we began worrying about whether her lack of consolidated sleep would begin affecting her growth and development. That's when we reached out to Eva for help in sleep training Noor. And like the title of this review says, it really was the best decision we ever made!

Eva was so incredibly kind, patient and helpful throughout the journey! As much as the sleep training techniques helped, it was her kindness and hand-holding that really made us feel safe and confident in our decisions.

Within a span of 4-5 days, Noor was not only napping well in the day, but she had gone from needing 2 feeds per night and broken sleep to sleeping through the night without needing a single feed! It's shocking just how much a good night's sleep can change your life as it did ours, and we owe that to Eva, her expertise and her support.

While I respect that sleep training is not for every child, it sure worked for ours and even though I miss snuggling with my baby, I can rest assured knowing she's getting all the sleep she needs to grow and develop appropriately.

Thank you so much for everything Eva! We are happy to recommend you and Sleepy Little Bubs to anyone who asks us for suggestions on sleep training :)"

Priti & Noor - Nepal