April 29, 2024

Nikita & Elena - 28 Months Old

Nikita & Elena - 28 Months Old

Nikita initially came to us when little Elena was only 18 months old. She used a Quick Chat - 30min to get them on track, which I assume now looking back, was most likely due to the 15 to 18 month regression.

One year later Nikita reached out to us again, this time little Elena was 2.5 years old, and Nikita was struggling with very frequent waking. Elena was waking from 11:00PM every single night and as often as every one to two hours. Mum was exhausted!

Nikita is a Sleep Consultant herself, but as I always say your own child is your worst client. That's because you don't look at them from the eyes of a rational sleep consultant. You look at them from the eyes of a mum and sometimes all we need is someone that isn't so close to look at the situation and guide us with the information we already know.

I was so excited to work with Nikita, and work towards her biggest goal which was less wake ups overnight.

Elena's routine didn't change at all - her sleep was supporting the changes we were making towards independent sleep but the biggest issue itself was how mum was getting Elena back to sleep every 1-2 hours overnight, which was very assisted and in the form of a bottle.

This bottle was the sole catalyst for the frequency of the wakes - at this age babies don't NEED that feed, but if it does exist it can become very habitual which can cause much disruption to sleep itself.

To achieve the results, Elena had to be weaned off the bottle and mum happily obliged. The chosen settling technique was spaced soothing and within the Phone Consult + One Week Support, little miss was sleeping through the night!

Nikita & Elena - Victoria, Australia