February 25, 2023

From co-sleeping and waking 5 times overnight… to sleeping independently!

From co-sleeping and waking 5 times overnight… to sleeping independently!

Jaime had been following us since Jane was a newborn as she felt so overwhelmed when it came to baby sleep and didn’t know where to start. She always said that when she was ready, she would work with us - she had reached that point.

When Jane was 4.5 months, Jaime took a trip with her in which they resorted to co-sleeping as a way for both of them to get some sleep. Jane is now 10 months old, which is when Jaime reached out to us. They were still co-sleeping and Jane was waking up to 5 times overnight needing to be fed back to sleep - something that was just no longer sustainable for Jaime as she was waking to every little movement and was exhausted from the constant night waking.

Jaime booked in for the Phone Consult + Two Week Support with Stacey with the goals of wanting to work towards more independent sleep for Jane, having her sleep in her own cot with longer stretches of sleep, and allowing her partner (Jane’s dad) the ability to be able to pop Jane to sleep too with no issues.

We made a couple of tweaks to Jane’s routine but primarily focused on the settling technique as we wanted to make sure that this suited Jane’s temperament but also Jaime’s style of parenting. Understandably Jaime was feeling a bit nervous about implementing a settling technique so it was important that we went over this in great depth so that Jaime did have the confidence and understanding going forward.

Within the first night, Jane settled herself to sleep and has been sleeping from 7pm-6am/7am each night consistently ever since - giving everyone the sleep that they so greatly deserve.

Jaime & Jane (10 months) - Melbourne