May 07, 2023

From hourly waking to sleeping through in just two weeks.

From hourly waking to sleeping through in just two weeks.

Veronica came to me exhausted, her 9MO little miss was waking hourly until midnight and then every 2hrs until the morning rocked or fed back to sleep every single time.

They selected the Phone Consult + Two Week. Our initial call was thorough and after presenting their settling technique suggestions Veronica and hubby selected Settling Hierarchy - this is our most gradual settling technique and considered a no cry based option.

Once Veronica started very quickly we could see cracks in the technique starting to form, Illiana was having 3-4 false starts every night, Veronica was finding it difficult to transfer her and settling at times lasted for 2.5hrs! 

Her settling and resettling was becoming more difficult and little miss was constantly catnapping. Understandable mum was discouraged and frustrated.

I knew mum wanted a gradual technique but I did make mention that what mum was experiencing was synonymous with "too much" and "too stimulating" however I know mum wanted to try a gradual technique so based on this, I moved the routine around first to eliminate this as a potential cause for what was happening. After a few days... still no results. 

At this stage of our support and after giving it a red hot go - we changed to Spaced Soothing as per my recommendation. 

Within days of this new technique being implemented and minimal tears from the start - little miss started sleeping through the night, consolidating all her sleep and no longer having false starts. 

"I am so glad you suggested it. I would’ve gone crazy if I kept trying the gradual approach... I think we both needed this"

These guys are a great example of just how temperament plays a huge role in the success, ensuring that the changes we make are suitable for both parents and baby.

After our two week support....

"Can’t we just talk forever. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve given to me and my family"

Veronica & Illiana, USA

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