July 17, 2023

Waking every 45min overnight for a comfort feed.

Waking every 45min overnight for a comfort feed.

Odette - 7 months old was catnapping 10-20min during the day and waking every 45-60min overnight for a comfort feed while co sleeping.

Paige had previously received advice to not worry too much about short naps and try to extend those awake windows during the day by offering a very late bedtime, this would in turn help create the sleep pressure to reduce the overnight waking.

Unfortunately this method did not suit Odette, in fact it worsened the situation.

Paige and Nick came to me exhausted, they needed help now. They booked in the Phone Consult + Two Week Support and we got busy.

The first step I took was to introduce a routine that was age appropriate for Odette and ensure that she had the sleep she needed during the day, even if initially this sleep was completely supported.

Once Odette was rested, Paige and Nick started to introduce a settling technique that suited Odette's temperament. Within one week Odette was consolidating her sleep during the day (up to 2hrs!) and alsol sleeping up to 6.5hrs overnight!

To say I am proud of these guys is an understatement, the results speak volumes for this family and I was so grateful to be on their journey.

After our two week support, what do Paige and Nick have to say?

 "We are eternally grateful to Eva and her two weeks of help with Odette’s sleep. We had gotten ourselves into a situation where there was no light at the end of the tunnel and no idea of how to get out.

We cannot believe how our sleep and thus lives have been transformed in such a short amount of time! Eva held our hand through the whole process, and her support and guidance throughout was invaluable.
Thank you for giving us our sleep back!"

Paige, Nick and Odette, Australia

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