Phone Consult + One Week Support

Created for the parent who just needs a little bit of guidance in the right direction, you may have fallen off course and need some reassurance and support to get back on track.

Package includes:

  • Initial 45min call to go through your plan, make adjustments and answer any questions you may have (via phone, Zoom, Whatsapp, Viber etc).
  • Comprehensive intake form that you fill out, it provides us all the information regarding your little ones sleeping and feeding patterns. Their current sleep environment, settling technique you use and your personal situation. Goals that you wish to achieve and concerns that you need rectified 
  • A comprehensive sleep plan that covers methods to rectify your little ones sleep concerns. We look at all areas such as naps, routines and sleep distribution, creating a sleep conducive environment, settling techniques that suit your parenting ethos and your baby's temperament, contingencies to support you through navigating day to day life while respecting their sleep, nutrition and feeding
  • Two 15min calls to use during your week of support to answer any questions you may have
  • Daily access to your sleep consultant via Whatsapp for the duration of your one week support
  • Summary email after your support ends with any major changes and expectations to expect in the upcoming three months once you finish with us. This includes nap transitions, regressions, feeding and routine changes
  • Access to a private Facebook support group after your support finishes
  • Access to a private "close friends" network on Instagram where we dig deep into any sleep concerns our previous clients may be experiencing and day to day situations

 Please note, this package is not suitable for more gradual approaches to your baby's sleep.


$295.00 AUD
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